Manage Your Subscription

Subscription Plans

There is a minimum order of $45 per delivery for all subscription plans.

We have 3 subscription plans on offer:

1. Monthly Subscription (1st of Every Month)

  • Order processed for delivery on the 1st of every month
  • Purchase your initial subscription at least 5 days before the 1st of each month 

2. Monthly Subscription (Immediate Start)

  • Order will be processed for delivery the day of purchase
  • Subscription restarts on the same date, every month until you cancel

3. Weekly Subscription

  • Order processed for delivery every Thursday until you cancel
  • To get your order for this Thursday, purchase your subscription before end of day Monday

Customer Account

Easily pause, cancel, manage or edit your subscription by logging into our customer portal  or the "" icon (For desktop: at the top right corner of our website, for mobile: at the bottom of our side menu). To create a customer account, make sure you use the same email address at checkout!

Subscription Cancellation/Pausing

To cancel/pause your subscription, please edit your subscription at least 5 days before the next order processing date or your order will be automatically processed for delivery.