At Slurp, we believe it’s the relationships in life that matter.

That’s why our products are created with the hope of bringing friends and family together. Born out of the difficult time that was Covid-19, Slurp mixes were developed as we all pivoted to backyard gatherings and zoom calls. It seemed hard to believe that despite the many juicing companies around today, no one had created a fresh, all-natural line of mixes to help consumers make premium cocktails at home. Most cocktail mixes on the market are water, sugar and a juice concentrate. We decided cocktail lovers deserve better!

Founder Sarah Sharratt put to use her background as a Cordon Bleu trained cook to experiment with some of her favourite flavour combinations and after several months of testing (and friends graciously acting as taste testers!) she came up with the first three mixes that launched Slurp: Lime & Basil Margarita Mix, Grapefruit & Mint Mix and a Ginger Lemonade Mix.

Most important in the development of these mixes was the idea to keep them “clean” – free from additives or preservatives. Sarah lived in France for many years and was the creator and host of the television cooking show UpRooted to France. It was through this experience that she developed a passion for eating in the seasons and seeking out food free of preservatives and other artificial stuff. That's why Slurp mixes are just fresh juice with a moderate amount of uniquely infused simple syrup so all you have to do is add your alcohol of choice. All our mixes are 100% vegan. We use cold pressure technology to clean the juice so it is never heated and the juice looks and tastes as fresh as if it were just squeezed. 

There's nothing like a pandemic to remind us how connected we are. Giving back so we all thrive is important to us. That's why we have pledged to donate 10% of all profits to help feed those in need. Now that’s something we can all cheers to.