You can make anywhere from 4 to 8 cocktails from each bottle of mix. This varies depending on your taste and how much mix you desire in your cocktail. Our mixes are designed to be diluted with alcohol or another mix such as soda water or ginger beer.

Each mix has a recommended cocktail on the back label as well as a listing of the different kinds of alcohol that work well with the mix. The mixes are pretty versatile so we also encourage customers to have fun and experiment with the alcohol and flavours they enjoy. Just be sure to share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging your cocktails with @slurpmix or #whatsyourslurp – we love seeing your creations!

Absolutely! Most of our mixes work very well simply mixed with soda water or another kind of mix such as ginger beer, ginger ale or fresca. Turns out Slurp mixes are a great hit with kids, pregnant women and those abstaining from alcohol.

We use the freshest fruit available to us at the moment of production. This changes with the seasons but in general, our produce comes from North and South America.

No. Slurp cocktail mixes are simply fruit juice and simple syrup (with some syrups being infused with fresh herbs for flavour). Look at the label and you will see that fruit juice is our first ingredient, not water or sugar like in most other cocktail mixes. Our goal is to give our customers a mix that tastes and looks as if they just squeezed the fruit themselves, except they didn’t have to!

Yes. Since we don’t add any preservatives or heat pasteurize the mix, each bottle needs to be refrigerated. This is in keeping with our mission to provide customers with the freshest, cleanest and highest quality mix out there.

The biggest difference is that our mixes are refrigerated. We don’t treat our juice with heat or add things like citric acid and potassium sorbate to make them shelf stable. We want a fresh juice product that is free of anything artificial so most of our mixes contain five or less ingredients and you can pronounce them all!

Once bottled, our mixes are run through a machine that does high pressure processing (HPP). This is a kind of cold pasteurization where high pressure is applied via a chamber filled with cold water. When subjected to this kind of extreme pressure, bacteria/virus/yeasts/molds are inactivated extending the product shelf life and safety. Most other cocktail mixes use heat pasteurization which changes the flavour, colour and nutrition of the juice. With HPP, our mixes look and taste as fresh as if the fruit was just squeezed.

We recommend that you consume any opened bottle of Slurp mix within 7 days of opening.

Yes, all Slurp mixes are 100% vegan.

The facility that makes our mixes is not certified as nut-free, however none of our mixes contain nuts.

Our fresh fruit juice mixes are never strained so there’s lots of pulp that tends to settle after a few days. Simply shake before using.

We use plastic bottles first and foremost so that our product is able to undergo the HPP treatment that cleans our juice. Glass bottles cannot withstand the pressure and would break. Our BPA-free PET plastic bottles are FDA/CFIA compliant and approved by Health Canada and are one of the safest single-use plastic bottles on the market. While we know plastic has a better environmental footprint than glass by using less energy in the initial production, we also know plastic that isn’t recycled causes problems in its afterlife. We are always striving to be more environmentally friendly and are constantly reviewing the packaging available and appropriate for our product. For now, we encourage all customers to recycle our bottles after use.

Unfortunately, we currently only offer our subscription service to customers in Toronto & GTA. However, we hope to expand to Canada wide in the future. We'll be sure to update you on our Instagram page when we do!


Slurp cocktail mixes are currently available for shipping Ontario wide! For deliveries outside of our 30km radius, shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

For local deliveries within Toronto & GTA, our delivery rates change according to your address. There is no minimum order for deliveries within 20km of our distribution location in Etobicoke (M9A postal code). For deliveries that are 20-30 km from our distribution hub, there is a $25 order minimum and $15 delivery fee.

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While we do not accept any returns, we are committed to ensuring you are happy with your purchase. If there is an issue, simply email us at: info@slurpmix.com and we will be happy to refund or replace your order.