Hibiscus Lemonade Mocktail

We love our Hibiscus Ginger Lemonade on it's own but it also makes a delish mocktail and cocktail. The ginger juice gives it a kick and the hibiscus makes it a shade of pink we can't get enough of. Looking to make it boozy? Just add a shot of vodka, gin or tequila and you're done.


  • 3 oz Slurp Hibiscus Ginger Lemonade
  • Sparkling water, to top up
  • Optional: 1.5 oz Premium Vodka, Tequila or Gin
  • Edible flowers or lemon slice for garnish, optional


  1. Pour the mix over ice in a low ball glass. Add alcohol if using. If not, simply top up with sparkling water.
  2. Garnish as desired.
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