Welcome to the cosmic cocktail bar of SLURP, where the stars align with every sip. At SLURP, our premium cocktail mixes are the canvas upon which your creativity and taste buds converge, whether you prefer them with or without alcohol. Let's embark on a celestial adventure where mixology meets astrology.

Our premium cocktail mixes invite you to explore the depths of flavour and embrace the magic of the zodiac, one sip at a time, however you choose to explore.

Cheers to the stars, and may your journey through the cosmos be as delightful as your next SLURP sip.

Find your sign below!

  • Aries: Spicy Jalapeño Margarita

    A spicy cocktail for this fire sign. This recipe takes a classic margarita and adds a kick with the addition of just one ingredient: jalapeño. Get the recipe here.

  • Taurus: Classic Slurp Margarita

    This classic cocktail is big on fresh lime juice but with just the right amount of sweetness. Get the recipe here.

  • Gemini: Paloma

    With a slight twist on the traditional Paloma using Slurp's Grapefruit & Mint cocktail mix, this cocktail is a gorgeous colour and perfect for Gemini season. Get the recipe here.

  • Cancer: Grapefruit Aperol Spritz

    A versatile cocktail with a new take on a traditional. Fresh grapefruit juice, lemon juice and mint-infused simple syrup combine to make this cocktail the right fit for this sign.

    Get the mix here.

  • Leo: Spiced Apple & Pear Mule

    This next level Moscow Mule will bring out your inner lioness. Fresh apple and pear flavour add just the right amount of sweetness. Get the recipe here.

  • Virgo: Watermelon Margarita

    A refreshing take on an old classic, this cocktail will leave warm months lingering a little longer as we get into Virgo season. See our Margarita starter pack here.

  • Libra: Tart Cherry Cosmopolitan

    This is a tart cocktail has a subtle balance like it's sign. A mix sweetness from simple syrup and a lift from some fresh lime juice, this cocktail is the perfect treat. Find the cocktail mix here.

  • Scorpio: Pomegranate Mojito

    Liven up a traditional mojito with this variation. Pomegranate juice combined with lime juice and a mint-infused simple syrup make a great base to add rum to. Get the recipe here.

  • Sagittarius: Grapefruit Collins 

    Bring a taste of summer to Sag season. This refreshing cocktail calls for a classic gin and is topped up with sparkling water. Get the recipe here.

  • Capricorn: Grapefruit Mimosa

    Fresh citrus fruit is what makes this cocktail a must for this go-getter sign. Our Grapefruit and Mint cocktail mix is both delicious and versatile and a perfect way to make this refreshing cocktail in no time. Get the mix here.

  • Aquarius: Blood Orange Spritz

    This spritz can be enjoyed in the cold months of Aquarius season when days are long. The deep hue of the blood orange juice pairs so well with Aperol. Top up with Prosecco to get some fizz! Get the recipe here.

  • Pisces: Cranberry Paloma

    A Paloma cocktail with cranberry? Why not! This cocktail combines cranberry with a touch of grapefruit juice to find the perfect tart to sweetness balance. Get the recipe here.